Parallelizes system commands on mass remote servers.
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Massadmin on FreeBSD Ports CollectionSeptember 27 2010

Thank to the work of Sascha Klauder, there's now a Massadmin port in the FreeBSD Ports Collection. You can get it at:

Release 2.3 - September 27 2010

This release add 'su -' feature to SSH protocol and fix the su password prompt on BSD like OSes. Here the full Changelog:

- Add 'su -' feature to SSH protocol. Thanks to Sascha Klauder for the patch.
- Change debug temporary directory to /var/tmp with chmod 0600 on generated files.
  Thanks to Sascha Klauder for the patch.
- Fix su password prompt for BSD systems. Thanks to Sascha Klauder for the patch.
- Fix minor bug in usage printing.

UPGRADE: Just override the massadmin perl script.

Release 2.2 - September 08 2010

This release fix a bug in SCP command on BSD like OSes. Here the Changelog:

- Fix warning during install on pod file missing.
- Add -t command line option to set the timeout for all TCP connection.
  Default is 60 seconds.
- Fix bug on scp commands on BSD like OSes. Thanks to Sascha Klauder
  for the report.
- Add information on Perl special characters in documentation.

Release 2.1 - August 17 2010

This is the first public release with a dedicated web site for this tool that I've started to develop in 2002.
Sorry for those who's long waiting such a tool :-)

MassAdmin is in production use since 2002 to help the administration of more than 200 Unix like servers.


Copyright (c) 2002-2010 Gilles Darold - All rights reserved. (GPL v3).